Sewage Management

Current scenario

  • 3750 out of 4000 cities lack sewerage or treatment systems
  • 90% habitats are not connected to sewer systems
  • Over 35% length of rivers are unfit for drinking or bathing

Our work in this sector

Sewage treatment and management

We commission packaged, modular and In-situ Sewage treatment plants which are custom designed in order to meet the exact requirement of the client. We recommend our clients to use the process of anaerobic treatment in the Sewage treatments plants but wherever required we have also created hybrid plants using both aerobic and anaerobic treatments in order to achieve the desired effluent quality.

Features of the anaerobic sewage treatment plants:

  • Pre-fabricated or In-Situ
  • Minimum energy required for operation
  • Self-sufficient system
  • Underground or over ground system
  • Fast installation
  • Effluent quality as per the CPHEEO standards

Some areas of application

  • Residential complexes
  • Commercial complexes
  • Educational institutes
  • Hotels
  • Industrial areas
  • Power Plants
  • Urban and Rural Slums
  • Townships
  • Many More...

Conversion of septic tanks into Bio digester tanks

In a typical septic tank neither the nature of bacteria nor the environment is suitable for proper decomposition of sewage thus a large amount of sewage-sludge-silt is retained in the septic tank necessitating it's frequent evacuation.
Evacuated septage is higly polluted with BOD of over 5000 mg/liter and COD of over 20000 mg/lit. when this septage is discharged in the open, it pollutes the surface water and land significantly.
Conversion of septic tank into a bio digester is a highly technical process. During this the septic tank is redesigned and is fitted with additional elements which allows the sewage to retain in the tank for the right amount of time in order to facilitate the decomposition process of the sewage by the colony of bacteria.