About us

"Arkin" is a Sanskrit word which means shining bright/ radiant with light. We at Arkin believe that everyone has the same spark and given suitable opportunity they all can shine bright. We are constantly working towards empowering individuals, community's and environment's radiance.

We are a social enterprise with the primary intent of providing dignity, economic opportunity & empowerment through use of new, emerging, enabling and socially relevant technologies (whether sourced from India or overseas) aimed at creating a self-sustainable and inclusive society wherein every person has the right to a dignified living and the opportunity to be productive for self and the society.

The company was established in 2009 as a Private limited company and is privately held by the promoters.

Company objectives

Providing safe and hygienic living as well as environmental conditions including:

  • Safe and Sustainable Sanitation
  • Universally acceptable low cost potable water
  • Solid waste and waste water management
  • Waste to Energy
  • River and surface water rejuvenation
  • Awareness creation, education ,vocational training, counselling and consultancy